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PvP improvements?

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If you havent watched any of Pwnstar4hire's vids he is funny and worth a watch, a good player also.



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My take on his Points.


1, Totally agree, its getting worse and worse. Not better.


2, Shorter range could be a good fix acctually.


3, I like the drop rate of the Heavy ammo. But i would be funny with the same wait for special. Would also give the exotic specials that u use as a primary a reason to exist, like remote Control.


4, Hate those grenades. Shouldnt be target seeking as they are today.


5, Completly right, really miss some CTF or anything thats not just kill all the players.


I agree with him on most Points as you can see.



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Interesting video... Some decent points as well. Here is my break down:


1. Yes. Completely yes. The net code in this game is pretty terrible. The lag between some kills and the bullet strikes are atrocious. Getting killed by someone 3 seconds after sniping them in the face gets annoying, quick.


2. I don't think that you need to decrease the hit range of the Fusion Rifle, because I think it would nerf it too much in PvE, but I think that increasing the damage fall off in range would be great, so that the one hit potential in PvP is lesser at distance. I think they are hitting just a bit too far.


3. This is interesting. I think that ammo scavenging in PvP would be a great corollary to how you have to scrounge in PvE. I think the heavy ammo drops are about in line. I could see the special being slower and spawning people with a little less primary. It could make matches a little more interesting. Adding a new mode for this could work as well.


4. Yes. I play a hunter main, and my sticky grenade is just that, a grenade that if you hit the other guy, it sticks. Plain and simple. I think bringing the Warlock grenade in line would help. The Titan grenade I am more okay with, since you cannot just spam them with your super.


5. More game types would be appreciated, for sure. I am waiting for King of the Hill and something that isn't Capture the Flag. I want more objective based games, but I am not the biggest CTF player.