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Never used a forum before? Having a hard time navigating around? Let's get started!

If you need further support, or have comments or suggestions, please create a new topic and let us know.



Most of you reading this probably have finished this short and simple step. To join PlanetDestiny, you need to register on the site. Click Create Account to make it official.



Getting Started:


An introduction isn't necessary, but it's going to be hard to participate and get to know others without letting them know a little about yourself. All you need to do is click the Greetings Guardian section and click the Start New Topic button. Introducing yourself will also earn you an award. You can tell us your name, interests, hobby's, games you like to play, or just say hi and leave it at that.




Introduction, done:


Now that you have introduced yourself to the community, you'll want to start sending out friend requests. This is really easy to do: You'll notice the Gamertag to the left of members' posts. Just click their Gamertag and it will take to their profile, where you can send a friend request or message them. Alternatively you've got the option to input your PSN and Steam usernames. 



Requests, sent:

Once your friend request have been sent out, dig deep into the forums. You can welcome other new members and ask any questions you've got. You can see what community get-togethers are going on, talk about Destiny or other games, and of course talk about whatever it is on your mind. The forums constantly have discussions going on to get involved in. Start topics, reply to topics, and just stay active and involved.


A great way to see the new posts each day is to use the View New Content link in the top right corner. It will show you the recent content that has been posted and you can further customize it to show what you want.


Press these buttons to go to the most recent post in a topic (that you haven't read yet):

t_unread.png new replies in a topic you haven't replied to

t_unread_dot.png new replies in a topic that you have replied to



Forums, read:


After you have been posting for awhile and got yourself comfortable with PD, it's time for you to do some work by getting even more people here. Be sure to spread the word to your friends who enjoy Destiny and other online gaming. Adding a link to our site to your info on XBL will help get us out there. Any random person you play with could be a potential member, so treat everyone with respect and try to recruit anyone you think would be a good addition.



Much More:

We're equipped with our own gallery, an official clan (Guardian Angels), and a chat room. Be sure to check out the awards and other contests/giveaways too.

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