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Larger fireteams in Destiny2 ??

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Just listening to Gaurdian radio and Turks is running patrols with DeeJ from Bungie and DeeJ is heard saying at 0:16:15


"The most people your ever gonna team up with is 6 in this generation of the game"


Could we see COD groundwar size lobbies later with 12 v 12 ??





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I think 3 man fire teams was one of the weirdest and dumbest decisions Bungie made.

Makes no sense. Patrol should allow for 6 man groups. Stories and strikes should at least be 4.



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Anyone else notice the just do the whole game in sets of three?
Three classes, three elements, coloum in the skill trees has 3 choices, three weapon slots, and often "survive three waves"

But still a dumb choice.



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I dont know, they will probably increase it so that raids will be 8-12 people and some strikes 4-6 people. I dont think it was a dumb choice to go with three people. I know that people from other games where used to 4 people groups. And if you have 3 people fireteams you can combine two to get a raidteam, with 4 you cant, so it may have been a thought in that to.


And to be honest, if you do 4 people groups you will have people complaining that they dont have 3 friends, only two.