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[XB1 and PS4] Guardians Welcomed to Grimguard


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XEROPAIN, an award-winning Graphic Designer and our founder created our clan emblem.

"From my finest hour to my darkest day, from no enemy shall I turn away. My light is strong and I shall not stray, for I am a Grimguard now and always."

Think of the GRIMGUARD as the Halo ODST of Destiny. We do not fear the darkness; we thrive in it. When we play chicken with death, we win. We had a staring contest with fear and fear flinched. At night, the Boogie Man checks under his bed for the Grimguard.

- Invented the worlds first car made out of bacon
- Ate the worlds first car made out of bacon
- Invented the moon
- Taught Chuck Norris everything he knows
- Punched a mermaid in the mouth
- Beat Batman at Stratego

We are looking for fun Xbox One and PS4 gamers who are "team players". Gamers who love the game as much as we do. Gamers who go above and beyond to express themselves. Just because we do not have a stringent application process like some other clans does not mean our members aren't serious and dedicated players. Many of them cannot wait to jump into the Crucible for the Iron Banner and the Trials of Osiris events in addition to taking on Raids.

We are fun, mature, gamers ranging in age. We have been Bungie Fans for a long time. We were Administrators of "Facility B5D" one of the most popular Halo groups of its time. So trust that we know how to manage and maintain a successful functioning group. We like having a good time, enjoying each others company, and just hanging out. We do NOT invite drama of any sort nor do we care about clan "bragging rights". We just wanna do what we do, have fun doing it, and be involved in the Bungie community. Even a few weeks out from release date we are in constant communication chatting about everyday things. This will be a community that grows along with Destiny over the next 10 years.

Website Coming Soon 

We have great things planned for our clan: T-Shirt Catalog 


For your enjoyment, brought to you by Grimguard: Loki's Shooting Gallery

Feel free to check out Grimguard and browse our forums. You just may like what you see! 

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Good luck with your clan, the site design looks great 

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Love the design and potential this clan has man. I sent a PM your way with some questions.

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