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Hail Guardians

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welcome to the forums, enjoy



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The final stretch. aprox 16 days away and iv got my hype at a near critiacal level.


let me tell you abit of what im about.

I like to get competative. and by that i mean. counterstrike. WoW. Dota. i love beating my apponents 1 on 1 and take pride in what i do.

but ill never let you know it. i keep humble when i trump the score boards and i dont like people that rub it in other peoples faces.

i like meeting similar people. more so on the humble side than skilled side. ill group up with a humble noob more likely than an errogent pro.


and holy crap i wish there was a spellcheck.


all that aside. Im going to be playing on the Xbone and focusing on pvp manly.

dont be afraid to drop me a message if you want to party up. as of now i have no current comitment to any guild or association other than my irl friends. but if you think id fit in your group id be happy to try.

im not great at talking about myself. but iv got the skills to pay the bills baby, and id be glad to show you ;)



without further adoo. let me introduce myself;


Repping Northern Ontario standing 6'7'' weighing in at 230 pounds. the beast from the east. Norgoma :)



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Welcome! We should play sometime! What console? I'll be looking for tons of people to play with when the game is out so hopefully this community hangs out a lot after release!



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Welcome bro! Good luck with your future adventures in Destiny. 



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"and holy crap i wish there was a spellcheck."


My favorite part of your entire post.  Welcome to the forums.  Sadly, another Xbox One player that seems like an awesome gamer.  Either way, I will see you on here even if its not in Destiny




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