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About Us


We are Planet Destiny. We strive to deliver a friendly & welcoming environment for our community, nomatter what their game of choice is.


Our goal is is to be a 1-stop shop for Destiny, so people don't need to go to multiple places to view the content they enjoy - they can follow us and we'll deliver it to them ASAP.


This page is an introductory piece, taking you through the community's history and the people that work to keep everything running smoothly. If there are any questions you feel we've left unanswered, or you'd like to know more, please feel free to ask us on the forum, and someone will get back to you quickly!



Our Ethos


We have an easygoing atmosphere and welcome everyone with open arms into the community.


Often when you join a team of gamers on a forum, you are required to meet certain eligibility criteria, or fill out ridiculous applications - we wanted to change all that. Our site maintains a culture of teamwork and friendliness - with a focus, first and foremost, on fun.


We are built around our members and work tirelessly to ensure that everyone enjoys their experience and are comfortable.


We ask, in return, for your active participation; if you'd like to join in on a community event, a gaming session, or whatever other events are taking place - speak up so that we can get you involved! Please don't be afraid to participate; send out friend requests and invitations!


Ultimately, our focus is on you, and we need your help to provide the best experience possible.





The forums were founded in early 2013 by Noles and has seen incredible growth, thanks to several Youtube Spotlights, several large site upgrades, our Bungie Community Spotlight before the game launched, and then again post-launch.


We are always looking for more members, from any skill level! So why not join today? Become a part of Destiny's friendliest and fastest-growing community!




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Contact Us
By far the best way to get in contact with us is by messaging a staff member using the links above.


Noles can be reached at destinygamenews@gmail.com


Useful Links


Getting Started [Link]
Help Topics [Link]
Upgrade Your Account [Link]